Magis Women: Changing The Culture One Woman At A Time

There are many voices in today’s culture trying to influence your identity as a woman. You may feel pushed and pulled but your heart’s desire, the direction you really want to go, is toward the Lord in new and deeper ways. In James 4:8, it says “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” Magis Women has developed programs to help you realize your value as a beloved daughter of the King - the Most High God. We provide ways for you to be restored to your original creation by giving you tools to help you realize your infinite value. We create experiences that will pave the way for you to hear the call to excellence and leadership in your families, parish and communities. We will empower you to take back your identity; claim your path to healing; and influence the culture. This will change the world by changing One Woman At A Time. Perhaps now is your time.

Magis Women

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Magis Women