UPCOMING EVENTS: Leadership Meetup - Scottsdale, AZ - October 25th, 6pm

The Magis Women Leadership Meetup is a quarterly event open to all women who self-identify as leaders. Its purpose is to offer leaders an opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, and receive support and encouragement in their unique roles as Christian leaders in business and/or ministry. The Meetup format includes refreshments, introduction of a topic, a panel discussion, Q&A, and engaging conversation.

What a Gift

What a gift it was to witness your dedicated work for the women of the kingdom of God. Personally, I received many winks and graces from above that would have been missed if you had not made this experience possible for us! I will continue to pray for your ministry, which is truly inspired and holy. Thank you for generously sharing resources, over which you have worked long and hard; as a result, the fruit of your work will spread far and wide. God is so good!

Your Sister in the Spirit,
Sheila Stevenson
Director of the Office of Young Adult and Youth Ministry
Roman Catholic Diocese of Joliet

Bible Study

I love how our Bible Study lessons bring us into a type of prayer most lay Catholic’s rarely embrace, contemplative prayer. We enter into silence to hear that still small voice that is our Great Good God. For contemplation I always place my soul before the Lord at the foot of the cross just to be near Him and with Him curling as a cat does at its master’s feet. When you love someone you want to be with them and so I treasure this time with our Lord. When you place your soul before God you come away changed by His love and mercy. - Barbara Y.

Community Support

In the Magis Women Ministry I have found the piece of community support I had been missing in my faith journey. The group has brought me closer to Jesus and to other Catholic women who want to grow together in our spirituality. At times, I have found it difficult in my busy life to spend time growing in faith with like minded women. When studying the Beatitudes with the Magis Women, I learned so much from the other women and I felt the support of the community. We prayed together, studied the Bible together, and brainstormed ideas to help each other in our faith journeys. Everyone in my group came from different places in our walk with God. This ministry provided a place where we could grow together. I would recommend Magis Women to those looking to have a deeper relationship with Christ through study and friendship. - Christine P.

Blessing in my Life

I would like to share how Magis Women has been such a blessing in my life in the fact that I have grown in my understanding of scripture and have enjoyed having fellowship with other women who are interested in growing in their faith journey. It is through sharing bible scripture together with others that I have been able to understand and grow in my own faith. I love how this program has inspired my faith and deepened my love for God. I also love how this study shows me how I can apply biblical passages to my life and how I can more fully live out my faith. If you are interested in growing spiritually deeper in your relationship with God, Magis Women will be a perfect fit for you. - Michelle K.

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