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"That I Might See"
10/18 - 10/20 - Sign Up Today!

"Come away by yourselves and rest a while" Mark 6:31

Really impacted me!

After attending a Magis Women retreat my life slowly began to change.

I was unaware of how that 1st retreat really impacted my life until several years later. I encourage everyone to carve out a weekend to spend with our Lord Jesus.  You may be surprised by what He has for you! It is well worth the cost in dollars and in time. - Kay L

Learning to Trust

At the retreat, surrounded by love and acceptance I could understand that in surrendering I was not giving up but learning to trust, which is a challenge for someone like me with an analytical brain! Learning to connect my head with my heart has helped me trust in the Lord and surrender more fully to His will in my life. – Marianne

The Holy Spirit was there!

Everything we did that weekend was connected.   Everything had a specific purpose of progression.

I appreciated the detail and planning that went into that aspect. And of course, the Holy Spirit was there in the planning, in the culmination, and that was so obvious as I look back on it.

- Martha

As women, we often find ourselves to be the emotional center of family, work and church. How can we receive God's call to become channels of Divine Love while experiencing and relishing that love for and within ourselves? Join Fr. John Auther, SJ, of the Jesuit Retreat Center, Kay Kandas and Rita Morton (Founders of Magis Women) as we journey through presentations, creative exercises, sharing, music and liturgy, and learn how to be the channel of God's Love that we are all called to be. 

The Details:

Our retreat starts Friday at 5:00 pm and ends Sunday at 2:00 pm.

$375 (select "single" on the registration form) includes six meals and all amenities.




About the retreat house:

Located in the town of Los Altos, California, the Jesuit Retreat Center is also known as El Retiro San Inigo. For almost 100 years, the Retreat Center has been offering retreats on its wooded acres overlooking the San Francisco Bay and the South Bay communities. With 80 bedrooms all with private bathroom, meeting rooms, dining room and beautiful chapel, it is a perfect place to come to hear about the ways of God and spend time in prayer and reflection.


Once you receive your confirmation letter from the JRC (after you sign up), forward it to so that we can keep you informed of all the event details.

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