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Meet the Team

Co-Founder Kay Kandas

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Kay Kandas started a Catholic women’s Bible study in Arizona in 2002. Since then, hundreds of women have come to know the Lord in a more intimate way using the gifts of the Holy Spirit, prayer and praise, meditation on and study of the scriptures, and loving fellowship. As a true servant leader, Kay has led dozens of studies and has inspired women to become all they are created to be as “beloved daughters of the Most High God.” The Phoenix Diocesan Council of Catholic Women named Kay the 2010 Woman of the Year. She continually pursues education in the field of Catholic leadership, pursuing studies at the University of Mary and the Kino Catechetical Institute in the diocese of Phoenix, Arizona.

Co-Founder Rita Morton

Rita Morton joined Kay in 2004 when she brought her passion, creativity, and skills to the table to plan retreats, healing days, and special events for women. As a “Chicago girl” formed in a Catholic education of mercy and social justice, Rita finds great delight in creating experiences that make space for women to encounter Jesus’ soothing love and action within their hearts and souls. By incorporating prayer rituals, journaling, guided scriptural meditations, and expressive arts, Rita helps integrate women’s thirst for knowledge with their need for the healing of their hearts. Rita has the unique ability to bring hope and encouragement while calling women to a higher level.


Anna Keilty - Editor


Sharon Casagrande - Director of Finance


Terri Harris - Admin.

Magis Women is an all-volunteer organization. We have a wonderful team of women who love to serve the Lord and other women. Here a just a few of those women.


Marcy Petersen - Spanish Translator


Aurora Alvarez - Spanish Translator


Jenny Cook - Environment




“Magic Women has been presenting retreats, Bible studies, healing days and more for the last 15 years. They are amping up to bring Catholic women in your diocese, and throughout the country, resources based on helping women become all that our Lord has created them to be.”

Father Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D., Founder of the Magis Institute


“Magis Women provides a unique opportunity for women to re-encounter the Lord through multiple avenues in order to reclaim their dignity, seek restoration, and walk in community with other Catholic women. There are numerous issues that face the women of today, and the mission of Magis Women is to walk with each woman while leading her to her true calling God has placed on her life.”

Bishop Thomas Olmsted, Diocese of Phoenix."


“Magis Women seek to restore, build up, and foster community among women – the greatest victims in our culture of death…. What makes this ministry so effective is not only their commitment to the women they serve, but their primary focus on the love of God. The leaders are committed to treating each other and every woman with great respect, honoring them for their unique gifts as they unfold in their lives as Christ disciples.”

Fr. Charles Goraieb, Diocese of Phx.

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