The Beatitudes: Discovering the Heart of Jesus

  • 14Weeks
  • 13Steps


The Beatitudes: Discovering the Heart of Jesus is a Special Edition mini-retreat in everyday life created by Magis Women based on the books Finding True Happiness and Five Pillars of the Spiritual Life, written by Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D. In this mini-retreat in everyday life, the student will gain an understanding of the beatitudes as the core of the New Law given by Jesus that reflects the very heart of Jesus. By delving into the concepts of the humble heart, the gentle heart, the hungry heart, the merciful heart, the pure heart, the shalom heart, the mourning heart and the faithful heart, the student will deeply engage in an experiential discovery of each beatitude. This mini-retreat is based on the course: The Beatitudes: Discovering the Heart of Jesus. The full course is available in our store.

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