Standing Firm: Arming Yourself with God’s Mighty Power is a Special Edition study guide developed by Magis Women based on Fr. Robert Spitzer’s and Bishop Thomas Olmsted’s publications regarding spiritual warfare. The purpose of this study is to help all who are interested learn more about how God empowers believers to stand firm and resist the evil one. Students will be encouraged to practice concrete ways to stand firm in their daily life by engaging in the suggested journaling, prayer, and art invitations. This study will lead to a deeper understanding of the spiritual battle we are all in, while equipping the student with an ability to share that understanding with others.

If you are journeying through this study on your own or with a small group, please be sure to regularly check this page for additional teachings. Also, before beginning, visit our “Start Here” page, which will give you some helpful tools for journeying through the study.

Help from Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted
Spiritual Warfare: The Armor of the Sacraments

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