Meet the Magis Women retreat team. Each of these lovely ladies are uniquely gifted with a multitude of diverse talents. Below is just a snapshot of their gifts. These women will cheerfully do whatever is asked of them. They are like diamonds with many facets...and we are all blessed because of their love and service for the Kingdom of God.

Betsy Allard

Sharon Casagrande

Jenny Cook

Maggie D'Agnolo

Judy Egan

Terri Flaten

Debra Forrester

Leslie Gutierrez

Mayen Handy

Spirituality Lead

Mary Kandaris

Allison Kandas

Graphic Designer

Jenna Kandas

Director of Operations

Kay Kandas


Michelle Kaspryzk

Kathy Lucas

St. Mary Magdalene Co-Leader

Julie Martin

Rita Morton


Marcy Petersen

Events Lead

Cinda Pingle

St. Mary Magdalene Co-Leader

Angela Pulley

Nancy Shelton

Wendy Sorauf

Eileen Spenla

Barb Sullivan

Faith Vogelsang

Team Development Lead

Barb Yates

Flocknotes Coordinator

Chistine Pantoja-Young

Peer-to-Peer Lead
Magis Women

Magis Women

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